ECOICA is a brand of the Medical Phantom firm that offers competitive prices, simulators of high anatomical and ultrasonographic detail necessary for the training of specialized procedures guided by ultrasound, offering innovative self-healing properties and coupling to external terminals.
What characterizes us
Our purpose

"Why do it blindly
if you can see beyond "

While studying anesthesiology, I experienced first-hand the limitations in accessing simulated training, mainly in ultrasound- guided procedures, due to its high cost and limited availability.

Since that day in 2011, I have not stopped for a single day in my purpose of developing materials and technology to make medical training simulators more accessible to the majority of Professionals and thus reduce the incidence of fatal and non-fatal complications. due to inadequate training.

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We are the pioneer brand in Latin America in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of simulators that facilitate specialized training of different ultrasound-guided procedures.


With the best research and development team we will be the most recognized brand in Latin America for the innovation of our simulators, the protection of human life and the high quality of our products.